Hello from Southern & Eastern Europe

As a culturally diverse team communication is key to us, we’re comprised of different nationalities and languages but come together to collaborate as one.

We are more than just a team, we believe cross functionality collaboration creates innovation and improved business performance.

Together we focus on meaningful trends and spend time understanding the market in order to recognise our customers and users unique needs and where we can offer real impact.

Laura Bonald,
Regional Manager

The Southern & Eastern Europe regional team is a wide-spread, multicultural team speaking 5 different languages serving 24 countries within our Emerald region. We are passionate about the dissemination of research, whether this be working with researchers and practitioners to fulfil their publishing needs, to promoting new types of content – we make it our mission to spread research with real world application.

Working from home

As we do not have a fixed office for our regional team, we as a team are split across the Bingley office, Barcelona, Florence, Prague and Sevilla  – we are “working from home pioneers” and this is our natural habitat. This is made possible because of Emerald’s flexible working arrangements (and is just one of the many benefits that comes with working here). The key to making working from home successful is communication – it’s important that we keep in touch with one another and the wider team that’s why we have weekly team calls and one-to-ones. We very much encourage team collaboration and online coffee time to exchange ideas and share industry and market news. By working in different locations this allows us to get closer to our markets.

We are a tech savvy company, and use Microsoft Teams to allow us to hold virtual meetings from anywhere with internet connection! Flexible working enables us to manage both our family and work lives easily and effectively.

Visiting customers across our region

We visit many different locations to speak with customers face-to-face, either by visiting offices, attending conferences, seminars or trade exhibitions – it’s a great pleasure to meet with a wider audience to discuss our offerings to ensure we can provide only the best solutions to their needs. By doing so, we get to experience new countries, explore new cities and learn more about the culture of the communities we serve.

We attend national Academic Library conferences in 16 countries every year, in these events we listen to customers presentations, identify market trends and keep track of industry influencers. At these conferences we also organize Emerald presentations where customers get an update on new products and services.

Today technology is becoming more and more advanced, meaning that we can stay connected with our customers easier than ever! On the rare occasions that we are unable to visit directly, we have other alternative methods of communication we use on a regular basis ranging from online webinars, conference calls and emails. Although not our preferred method, we’re still only a click away.

A little more about us

Across our team, we have a wide range of hobbies which we enjoy outside of our working hours. As we are working in the world of publishing, it’s only right that we are active readers ourselves! Along with reading, some of our other interests include meditation, mantra singing, films music and the wider art world. As we travel far and wide to visit our customers, travelling is something that many in our team also love doing. As a team that covers such a large geographical scale, we love to learn about culture and diversity from one another – this really brings the team together. Previously in Sevilla we all took part in a cooking and dining event to share our expertise in the kitchen and to learn more!

How we help the wider community

As we are not all situated in one office, it’s challenging for our team to give back to our local communities together unlike the other regional teams. However, this doesn’t stop us! We utilise our annual Volunteering Days to work with our local communities to work towards achieving a sustainable future. The team also recently took part in a challenge to walk or run 3km to raise money for the NHS

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