Hello from Melbourne, Australia

Here at Emerald Publishing in Melbourne we strive for deeper engagement with librarians, researchers, end users and our author community to deliver greater impact though our published research. Our values are shaped by a strong commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the ambitions of Open Research.

The founding ethos of the company remains to this day and over 50 years later, we in the Melbourne office, along with our author community continue to strive to ensure that Emerald Publishing remains relevant in 21st century.

Gino Erispe
Regional Manager

Who we are

Here in Australasia, we are a diverse team of five individuals that make up our regional team, speaking a variety of different languages from Cantonese, Spanish and English. Each and every one of us have a unique set of specialities and expertise to bring to our roles. Although we’re a small team, this doesn’t limit our work capacity or restrict us from achieving the very best.

Within our interesting and unique region, our team covers four countries in total which include Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Fiji. We work with over 120 universities, serving a wide range of products to meet with our users’ requirements, whether this be from traditional product types to eCases and Expert Briefings – we aim to continue to spread meaningful research to researchers, practitioners and learning institutions where possible. We don’t just sit at our desks, the team are often out either at conferences, talking to customers, stakeholders and the scholarly community.

Our working arrangements

As a team we are each located in different areas of our region. Some of the team live in Melbourne and are based in our regional office here, while others are based in New Zealand and Sydney. The team who are based at the office get the pleasure to look at the Yarra River which is located directly opposite.

As we have team members who have always worked from home, we as a team have adjusted to this way of working. Communication and collaboration is essential to making this work, therefore we have regular virtual team meetings so that we can stay connected and support one another. As we are located around the other side of the globe, we are dependent on technology to stay connected with the other regional teams, whether it be a Teams call or an email, we’re only a click away.

What we love about our local area

Melbourne has become the epicentre of world coffee culture, and honestly one of the most refined. Pretty much in every laneway, alleyways, or arcades we can find a café with a professional barista and a really good espresso machine. They offer coffee art or even alternative brewing methods such as the Clover syphon, filter and cold drip. Grabbing a coffee on the way to the office, before visiting customers or attending conferences is always a priority to kick-start the day.

Getting away from work

It’s important to maintain a good work-life balance, but more so taking time out from work to focus on our personal well being. We are a very active team and we enjoy being able to adventure some of the great landscapes we have here right on our doorstep. From participating in group sports to cycling and travelling, we love learning and understanding the culture of our neighbouring areas.

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