Hello from Beijing, China

We are passionate about disseminating meaningful and real-world impact research to promote communication between China and the global community.

For nearly 15 years, we have been committed to supporting the evolving research needs of Chinese academics with a pragmatic view. We have a great passion for delivering a considerate service to our customers and for providing further support to the academic network.

Improving the experience for all of our customers is our priority. Our team will continue to work with our network to publish and disseminate research which makes a real impact, investing further into our community to support real-world change.

Mike Fang

Regional Manager

“As the largest publisher of management journals in the world, Emerald publications provide powerful academic information resources for management and library scholars. Its rigorous and pragmatic publishing style effectively bridges the academic research field and decision-making practice field.”

Song Renxia,
Deputy Director, Foreign Acquisition & Cataloging Department

Who we are

We are proud to work with over 600 institutions across China, covering most “Double First-Class” universities. We also work in close collaboration with a number of academic organizations and associations to advance both research and practice. We continuously seek collaboration with others as we believe this is key to spread the real impact of research.

We are surrounded by innovation

Here’s the view from our office window.

The Emerald Beijing office is located near the centre of learning, Zhongguancun Science & Technology Park – a community composed of over 40 universities, including Tsinghua University and Peking University. We are also located in the epicentre for innovation, as our office is surrounded by thousands of new high-tech enterprises. This prime location, along with the atmosphere, really influences our ways of working and our innovative approaches towards learning.

We believe we gather strength through team activities

As a team we go beyond just working. We organise many team activities and challenges to make sure people feel connected. We believe there is real strength in numbers, allowing us to jump higher, support each other by believing in each other’s strengths, and creating connection though communication – we all feel energised and supported which gives us real energy to succeed in all we do! Collaboration is also really important to us, and we believe by working together we can achieve outstanding results.

Our hobbies and interests

Across our team, we have a variety of different hobbies and interests, art being one of our main passions! Not far from our office we have the 798 Art District. What was once state-owned factories is now a mix of galleries, artists’ studios, bars and restaurants, which brings together contemporary art, architecture, as well as culture with an historically interesting location and an urban lifestyle, which reflects us as individuals.

Spreading the power of knowledge

As a team, we feel strongly that we have a role to play regarding social responsibility by helping to spread the power of knowledge throughout our local community. Therefore, to pursue our mission, we have launched a book donation program to connect both universities and rural primary schools together to ensure everyone can experience the opportunities from reading. Knowledge is power!

We can’t work on an empty stomach!

We have the pleasure of enjoying international fame for the variety of Beijing dishes developed in the imperial kitchens. As a team, we often do team building and team bonding over food – Beijing Duck, is one of our most famous and our team’s most favourite dish! Esteemed by gourmets for its mouth-watering aroma, appearance and taste, there are secrets in the cooking, skill in the preparation and serving but most of all delight in the tasting. 

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