A shared passion

In 1967, Emerald Publishing launched with the aim to change lives through learning. Some 50 years on, we still live by that ethos. This means helping to make a difference, so that little-by-little, those in academia and practice can work together and make a positive difference in the real world. Our independence and family values make us nimble and fuel our passion – that’s how real impact starts; one idea, one connection and one informed decision at a time. It’s through small steps that real change happens.

While our roots are in publishing, and bringing research to life, we are a group of businesses, all united in a common purpose. Whatever we do, for Emerald Publishing or Emerald Works, in our UK offices or one of our global offices, we are driven by a desire to change the world.

Our story

Our brand has a rich history – shaped by 50 years of fresh thinking and experimentation. From the early days to today, our pioneering spirit has helped us respond to changing customer needs, and become a leader in digital learning.


Dr Keith Howard, OBE, and a group of academics from University of Bradford, set up as Management Consultants Bradford with a belief in growing management research. By the next year they had acquired their first journal for just £1!


MCB became the official publisher for International Management Centres, an independent business school, adopting the methodology of action learning.


We step into the STM market for the first time, acquiring six engineering journals.


Our first electronic products are launched on CD Rom. The Literati network is also established encouraging peer to peer collaboration amongst Emerald Authors.


We open our first international offices in Japan, followed by Malaysia a year later and China in 2005.


We embrace the digital age, Emerald Insight is launched.


We are rebranded Emerald following the success of our first digital database and online platform. Two years later Keith takes on full control of the business.


We begin publishing books and extend into new areas of social science, after acquiring over 2000 series, handbooks and reference works from Elsevier.


Our international presence has grown with additional offices now open in India, USA, Australia, Brazil & Dubai. Our product portfolio now includes over 68,000 articles from 120 journals and we extend our specialist focus into health and social care with the acquisition of Pier Publications. Keith receives an OBE for services to business, sports and arts.


We continue to expand our service offering, acquiring GoodPractice, a specialist provider of support tools for leaders & specialist managers. This follows the acquisition of Research Media in 2013, helping us provide creative & communication services to the research community.


We celebrate our 50th birthday, having grown into a global knowledge business operating in more than 130 countries worldwide, with over 300 journals, 3,000 books and 1,500 case studies. Towards Maturity join the group, strengthening our research capability in the corporate learning sector.


Richard Bevan becomes Chairman of Emerald Group while Vicky Williams is appointed CEO of Emerald Publishing. Emerald acquire Mind Tools, leading digital learning and performance support company, which reaches millions of learners in more than 180 countries worldwide.


In 2020, we brought GoodPractice, Towards Maturity and Mind Tools together under one new brand – Emerald Works. As one global company, we can extend our reach and unlock the potential of millions of learners around the world.

Our group

Our purpose is to unlock the talent and potential of people to make decisions that have a real impact. We equip decision-makers, whether in an academic, public or corporate setting, with the evidence and tools to make smart choices. That way, they can incrementally make a difference and contribute towards tackling real world challenges.

This reflects our founding philosophy to bring together research and practice. As a family-owned business, we are independent in our thinking, nimble and care about the communities we serve and are members of. Led by Chairman Richard Bevan, the Group has evolved into a dynamic, digital-first business that employs some 500 people worldwide.

“We are a vibrant growing business full of talent and proud of the achievements of our people. We value fresh thinking and diversity, encouraging collaborative and agile ways of working. I am excited about what the future holds for the next phase of our growth and the opportunities presented through the progressive alignment of our two operating businesses”

Richard Bevan, Emerald Chairman

“In a changing world, research is fundamental part of informing decision making and empowering change. I'm excited to be at the leading edge, working with talented people who genuinely care about making a difference”

Vicky Williams, Emerald Publishing CEO

Bringing research to life
Emerald Publishing

What we do

Emerald Publishing is one of the world's leading digital-first publishers, commissioning, curating and showcasing research that can bring about real change. We work with thousands of universities and business schools across the world, to share knowledge and provoke the kind of debate that leads to positive change.

What sets us apart

We go beyond the realms of traditional publishers and see ourselves as a change agent, championing fresh thinking and bringing together communities, so their research can effect change in the real world. We celebrate curious minds who want to make a difference, from pioneering new ways to share research to creating innovative digital tools to help our customers discover it, we always strive to go that little bit further.

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Unlocking potential
Emerald Works

What we do

We help people and organisations unlock their full potential through learning. Our learning solutions include:

  • Mind Tools – thousands of online and on-demand resources designed to improve the performance of employees.
  • E-learning – custom-made and off-the-shelf e-learning solutions that are rich, highly interactive and proven to work.
  • Learning Health Check – a free, independent and confidential benchmarking tool for organisations to improve their learning strategy.
  • Learning Innovation Group – a community of leaders who learn from each other, address the most pressing needs in their industries and come up with innovative solutions.

What sets us apart

Between us, we have around 60 years’ experience creating learning solutions that really work. And our 100-plus learning experts have helped thousands of people realize their full potential. Our team includes:

  • content editors who use academic research, credible sources and expert advice to create Mind Tools resources
  • instructional designers who work with clients to offer the right e-learning experience
  • independent Health Check researchers who analyze insights from more than 9,000 learning professionals and 50,000 learners across 83 countries

Whether it’s a Mind Tools toolkit, e-learning course or Lean LMS, our technical team ensures the user experience is as good as it can be. And our client success team works with organisations to ensure they get the most from a learning solution.

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“The team at Emerald Works behind the portfolio of Mind Tools products and services are passionate about our company and our industry because what we do empowers people. Our first job is to ensure that our team have the freedom to really understand our customers and provide what they need to flourish at work. Mind Tools gives individual contributors, managers and leaders the confidence to work with courage and to act decisively in the face of new challenges, and the ongoing complexity and uncertainty of work and life. We’ve always made sure that we focus our efforts on positively impacting work performance, and we design through real-work insight and evidence-based research. What we do works, which is why we love the work we do. ”

John Yates, Emerald Works CEO